Aug 24, 2008

Ocean Dome - world's largest indoor water park !!..

Its the world's largest indoor water park, located at Miyazaki Japan, which is a part of the Sheraton Seagaia Resort, measures 300 meters in length and 100 meters in width, and is listed on the Guinness World Records. It opened in 1993, and visitor numbers peaked in 1995 at 1.25 million a year.

The Ocean Dome sported a fake flame-spitting volcano, artificial sand and the world's largest retractable roof, which provided a permanently blue sky even on a rainy day. The air temperature was always held at around 30 degrees celsius and the water at around 28.

Ocean Dome is bigger than many ocean liners - over 1,000 feet long - and has space for 13,500 tons of salt water and 10,000 people, without the mild inconvenience of real salt water, real crabs, real seaweed or fish.

It was pleasantly warm, but it felt faintly like a gymnasium - and they always remind me of exams. Also, the palm trees were too perfect to be real.

The fruit behind the counter turned out to be plastic, and the backdrop was painted with small clouds and a deep blue sky as the Pacific view outside probably should have been.

See.... how much of work can be done with the technology!!.. even a natural Ocean can be simulated. The Ocean Dome... well done engineers!!.

Aug 8, 2008

Grand Canyon Skywalk - Would U walk on this?

If you would like to work on the sky - as the name impels. Hell J just visit to "The Grand Canyon Skywalk", one of the most attractive tourist gathering place over the Colorado River on the edge of the Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon West) at Arizona, United states.

Commissioned and owned by the Hualapai Indian tribe, it was unveiled March 20, 2007, and opened to the general public on March 28, 2007.

Juts about 70 feet into the canyon, 4000 ft above Colorado River
Designed to hold 72 million pounds, withstand an 8.0 magnitude earthquake 50 miles away, and withstand winds in excess of 100 mph

Built with more than a million pounds of steel beams, and includes dampeners that minimize the structure's vibration

Can you find out, this kind of vision from any place where you been!!

Will accommodate 120 people comfortably (how comfortable would you be?)

took 9 000 000 pounds of steel to be strong enough to hold people

people have to put on special yellow slippers as to not smudge the glass floor,
Try to be there and enjoy the match of nature against the technology! Wot a design, well done Civil Engineers!!

Take care of your HEART !! ...

Be kind to your heart. It's the only one you have. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in both male and female. Risk factors like family history, gender and age can't be changed but fortunately, most risk factors for heart disease are preventable.

There are 5 major risk factors for heart disease: high cholesterol, cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, obesity and lack of physical activity. The good news is they can all be managed. Here are a few tips to get yourself started:

o CUT BACK ON THE BUTTER - As a rule, a 1% reduction in cholesterol equals a 2% reduction in your risk for a heart attack. Remember, cholesterol only comes from 2 sources: our bodies and the foods we eat. So take it easy on the greasy stuff.

o PUT THAT CIGARETTE OUT, FOR GOOD - Smokers are twice as likely to suffer heart attacks as nonsmokers, and smoking is the greatest risk factor for sudden cardiac death.

o WATCH YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE - If it's 140/90 or above, it's too high. Talk to your doctor about controlling your pressure with diet and/or medication. High blood pressure puts you at an increased risk for smoke and heart attack.

o LOSE JUST A LITTLE, TO START - Even modest weight reductions - 5% to 10% of your body weight will improve overall health. Shoot for 1/2 or 2 pound loss per week, through a combination of healthy eating, calorie reduction and physical activity.

o LET'S GET PHYSICAL - If you don't work out, you're doubling your risk of heart attack. The best excercises are those that condition your heart and lungs for 30-60 minutes three or four times a week.



Aug 7, 2008

See.. How amazing your Body is!!!......

Jus to check this out......
The Organs of your body have their sensory touches at the bottom of your foot, if you massage these points you will find relief from aches and pains as you can see the heart is on the left foot.

  • Typically they are shown as points and arrows to show which organ it connects to.
  • It is indeed correct since the nerves connected to these organs terminate here.
  • This is covered in great details in Acupressure studies or textbooks.
  • God created our body so well that he thought of even this. He made us walk
  • So that we will always be pressing these pressure points and thus keeping these organs activated at all times.

So, keep walking...

Jul 2, 2008

Snake Caught by Spider's Web !!..

Very few spiders in the world are known to bite others as a defensive strategy or/and as a natural inheritance. Nearly all spiders are venomous, but few are dangerously poisonous. Most spiders will attempt to escape, but they may bite if cornered. Look, they don't care the type of the victim.

Hve you ever drunk Mentos + Coca-Cola together?..

A little boy died in Brazil after eating MENTOS and drinking Coca-Cola / PEPSI together. One year before the same accident happened with another boy in Brazil .
Please check the experiment that has been done by mixing Coca-Cola (or Coca-Cola Light) with MENTOS .

Jun 27, 2008

Destroying liquor - can you believe this??

Following are the pictures taken in an occasion where unauthorized liquor stores are been destroyed for the goodwill of the public. can you believe haaa?

Jun 26, 2008

Water Therapy - procrastination is better than Cure !!.

Drink six glasses of water (ie. 1.5 liter) everyday and avoid medicine, tablets, injections, diagnosis, doctor fees etc. You can never believe before practicing.
Here is the list of diseases that can be cured by this water therapy:

1.) Head Ache
2.)Blood Pressure / Hypertension
3.) Anemia (Blood shortage)
4.) Rheumatism (Pain in joints/muscles)
5.) General Paralysis
6.) Obesity (Fatness)
7.) Arthritis
8.) Sinusitis
9.) Tachycardia
10.) Giddiness
11.) Cough
12.) Asthma
13.) Bronchitis
14.) Pulmonary Tuberculosis
15.) Meningitis
16.) Kidney Stones
17.) Urogenital Diseases
18.) Hyper acidity
19.) Gastro – entities
20.) Dysentery
21.) Rectal Piodapse
22.) Constipation
23.) Hostorthobics
24.) Diabetes
25.) Eye diseases
26.) Ophthalmic Hemorrhage & Ophthalmic (Reddish eye)
27.) Irregular Menstruation
28.) Leukemia
29.) Uterus Cancer
30.) Breast Cancer
31.) Laryngitis

  • Early morning, after you get up from bed, (without even brushing your teeth) drink 1.50 litters of water i.e. 5 to 6 glasses. You may wash your face thereafter.
  • Here it is very essential to note that nothing else, neither drinks nor solid food of any sort should be taken within 1 hr. before and after drinking these 1.5 litters of water.
  • It is also to be strictly observed that no alcoholic drinks shall be taken the previous night.
  • If required, boiled and filtered water may be used for this purpose.

Is it possible to drink 1.50 litters of water at one time?
This is a BIG QUESTION? To begin with, one may find it difficult to drink 1.50 litters of water at one time, but one will get used to it gradually. Initially, while practicing you may drink four glasses first and then the balance two glasses after a gap of 2 minutes. Initially you may find the necessity to urinate 2-3 times within an hour, but it will become normal after quite some time.

By research and experience, the following diseases are observed to be cured with this therapy within the indicated days as below:

Constipation.................. 1 day
Acidity........................... 2 days
Diabetes........................ 7 days
Cancer........................... 4 weeks
Pulmonary TB............. 3 months
BP & Hypertension..... 4 months

It is advised that persons suffering from Arthritis or Rheumatism should practice this therapy thrice a day i.e .morning, mid day and night, 1 hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner for one week and twice a day subsequently until the disease disappears.


Consuming ordinary drinking water by the right method purifies human body.
It renders the colon more effective by forming new fresh blood, known in medical terms as Haematopaises. That the mucosal folds of the colon and intestines are activated by this method, is an undisputed fact, just as the theory that new fresh blood is produced by the mucosal fold. If the colon is cleansed then the nutrients of the food taken several times a day will be absorbed and by the action of the mucosal folds they are turned into fresh blood. The blood is all-important in curing ailments and restoring health and for this water should be consumed in a regular pattern.

Wishing you A Healthy Life

Body Tattos with steel parts- Incredible

Can you believe the following set of pictures, that there are people who really love to decorate their selves with permanently build steel parts in their bodies. Those decorative items are embedded into the body with special operation-like activities and it should be really painful ya? ;) . If there is somebody else over there with these kinds of steel(or whatever material) decorations, please feel free to share your comments.
And Click here to see more information about these kind of tattoos.