Mar 24, 2008

"TATA-NANO " - one lakh car

TATA Motors is the largest automobile company in India who produces a revenues of more than 7 billion US $ ( in 2006-2007) and who is..
  • the leader in commercial vehicles and the second largest in passenger vehicles,
  • the world's fifth largest medium, heavy truck manufacturer and
  • the second largest heavy bus manufacturer.
Along with those achievements, TATA has been succeeded with a new invention in the car-industry with her new little boy “TATA-NANO” sometimes referred to as "one lakh car"

Technical Specification

Manufacturer : Tata Motors

nick names :The People's Car; the little bug

Production : 2008–present Assembly Singur, West Bengal

Class : City car Body style(s) 4-door kei car

Layout : RR layout

Engine : 2 cylinder, multi-point fuel injection (single) all aluminium

Transmission : 4 speed synchromesh with overdrive in 4th

Wheelbase : 2,230 mm (87.8 in)

Length : 3.10 m (122 in)

Width : 1.50 m (59.1 in)

Height : 1.60 m (63 in)

Curb weight : 580 kg (1,300 lb)-600 kg (1,300 lb)

Fuel capacity : 15 L

Fuel-efficient engine is increased by the rear-wheel drive, all-aluminum, two-cylinder, 623 cc, 33 PS, multi point fuel injection petrol engine. This is the first time that a two-cylinder gasoline engine is being used in a car with single balancer shaft and an especially dedicated electronic engine management system is being used to control the Performance.

The more comfortable passenger compartment, sheet-metal body and other features such as crumple zones, intrusion-resistant doors, seat belts, strong seats and anchorages, and the tailgate glass are making a top class safety environment inside the NANO.

In terms of overall pollutants, it has a lower pollution level than two-wheelers being manufactured in India today. The high fuel efficiency also ensures that the car has low carbon dioxide emissions

This 1 Lakh price tag is for the standard car, which does not have air conditioning. The two deluxe models will cost more.
Tata expects to sell 500,000 units of the Tata Nano, and this brand new car will go on sale in the second half of 2008.


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